“Magnificent Metamorphosis” - Nathan Morris - The Big Event 2017

After many years of running from God, Nathan Morris gave his life to Jesus Christ in 2002 when he had a life changing encounter with the presence of God. God placed a passion in his heart to preach the Gospel to the lost. Initially, After preaching on the streets of England and in His Father’s church for several years, Nathan launched Shake The Nations Ministries in 2006. The first STN Gospel Campaigns were held in remote areas of Africa and India with 100,000 Muslims and Hindus convert to Christianity in just the first two years of the ministry. In 2010, Evangelist Nathan joined with Pastor John Kilpatrick and Church of His Presence for what has become known as the Bay Revival. In these meetings, thousands of salvations and notable healings were reported.

Length: 1h 31m 20s

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