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A Life of Purpose & Passion with Bishop T.D. Jakes
Q: As a world-renown pastor, bestselling author, … Read More

We are excited to welcome new Programmer, Billy Lambert to Daystar Network and Daystar Canada!

His program will air on Sunday 1:00am ET.

The program … Read More

We are excited to announce a new Programmer launching on Wednesday, December 4th.

This program will broadcast weekly on Wednesdays at 8:00am CT / 9:00am … Read More

The Power of Favor
with Joel Osteen
Q: You’re known all over the world for sharing encouraging messages that … Read More

We just wrapped up a fun holiday, the Feast/Celebration of Sukkot. As a new father, I … Read More

We are in the season of the High Holidays. This is a time of year when … Read More

Signs of the Times
with Perry Stone
Q: Your ministry is known for revealing how current events connect … Read More

We are entering a unique time on the Hebrew calendar known as the Seven Sabbaths of … Read More

Q: Briefly describe your childhood growing up in Nigeria and what led you to surrender your … Read More

Q: You are President of Meguiar’s, Inc, the top selling brand of Car Wax in America and … Read More

As I write this post the Jewish people and Messianic community around the world are winding down … Read More

Q: On June 9th, believers around the world will celebrate Pentecost. Describe what this holiday commemorates … Read More

Last month, I wrote about Passover. One unique thing that begins during Passover is the … Read More

As many of you know, Daystar’s Jerusalem studio was recently destroyed by arson. Reduced to a … Read More

Q: This month, we celebrate mothers and the many ways they impact their children’s lives. What’s … Read More

Passover 2019 has come and gone quickly! Rebecca and I had the chance to attend two different … Read More

Answering the Call for India
with Dr. Satish Kumar
Q: Briefly tell us about your journey of faith, … Read More

Purim: The Rich Story of Deliverance
Purim is here! Purim is a holiday that commemorates the Jewish … Read More

Prophecies of the Apocalypse
with Dr. David Jeremiah
Q: When you first started in ministry, did you have … Read More

Shalom Daystar family,

We are getting very excited for our upcoming Heart for the World. There are … Read More