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As I write this post the Jewish people and Messianic community around the world are winding down … Read More

Q: On June 9th, believers around the world will celebrate Pentecost. Describe what this holiday commemorates … Read More

Last month, I wrote about Passover. One unique thing that begins during Passover is the … Read More

As many of you know, Daystar’s Jerusalem studio was recently destroyed by arson. Reduced to a … Read More

Q: This month, we celebrate mothers and the many ways they impact their children’s lives. What’s … Read More

Passover 2019 has come and gone quickly! Rebecca and I had the chance to attend two different … Read More

Answering the Call for India
with Dr. Satish Kumar
Q: Briefly tell us about your journey of faith, … Read More

Purim: The Rich Story of Deliverance
Purim is here! Purim is a holiday that commemorates the Jewish … Read More

Prophecies of the Apocalypse
with Dr. David Jeremiah
Q: When you first started in ministry, did you have … Read More

Shalom Daystar family,

We are getting very excited for our upcoming Heart for the World. There are … Read More

Hope for Those Who Grieve
with Bishop Harry Jackson
Well over a year ago, Dr. … Read More

Israel climbs to 5th place in the Bloomberg Innovation Index. The Times of Israel gives … Read More

Your Money God’s Way
with Gary & Drenda Keesee

Q: Gary and Drenda, what’s the most meaningful New … Read More

Embracing Grace in Every Season
with Joseph Prince
Q: As Christians all over the world celebrate Christmas this … Read More

Dieting can be a challenge in any situation, but it’s especially trying during holidays like Thanksgiving.

It … Read More

Grace, Love, & Total Restoration
with Jim Bakker
Q: As a pioneer in Christian television, what thoughts come … Read More

Hope Overcoming Hate
with At Boshoff
Q: Pastor At, you grew up in the Apartheid Era of South … Read More

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Sharing God’s Love in Brothels & Beyond
with Nike Adeyemi
Q: Briefly tell us about your journey of … Read More

Reaching the Lost & Scattered
with Jonathan Bernis
Q: You have been a Jewish believer for many years. … Read More