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The Jewish New Year, known as Rosh HaShanah is just around the corner! One of the … Read More

Q: How did you get interested in the Book of Revelation, and how long have you be … Read More

Shalom Daystar Family,

First of all, I want to thank all of our partners for their prayers … Read More

Q: Why is it so important to know End Time prophecy?
JONATHAN CAHN: God is the God … Read More

What does it take to live God’s dream for your life? Well, it begins with one word – … Read More

Q: After suffering a cardiac arrest in November 2019, so much has happened in your life. … Read More


Q: In honor of Mother’s Day, what’s been the most unexpected part of your journey as … Read More

There is no better time than now to choose faith over fear. We are living in … Read More

Psalm 23 Insights
A Blog from Marcus Lamb
Along the winding path of life, our souls seek answers. So while you’re trying to make sense of this … Read More

Q: This month Christians everywhere will celebrate Easter. What makes the message of the Cross so … Read More

Psalm 91 Declarations
A Blog from Marcus Lamb
My friend, God’s Word is such a gift—and that’s especially true in seasons of uncertainty.

So when confusion, fear, and … Read More

One of the things I love about our God is that He models for us how … Read More

Daystar has launched on “Logic,” in HD on Channel 46 in the Cayman Islands!

Logic has launched Daystar to their residential subscribers and to ALL … Read More

Q: These days you travel the globe and preach to audiences everywhere, but your journey into … Read More

Q: For those who aren’t familiar with your story, briefly tell us how you got into … Read More

Do followers of Jesus need to care about the nation of Israel? Why is this tiny … Read More

We are excited to welcome a new Program: Beyond the Game with Tony & JB! This program airs on Saturday 5pm Eastern Time / 4pm … Read More

Q:  With the start of the New Year, the world is rapidly changing. How can the Bible … Read More

We are excited to welcome new Programmer, Ben Courson to Daystar Network and Daystar Canada!

His program, “Hope Generation, with Ben Courson” will air early … Read More

It’s winter! Here at Daystar you can see 1.5 million LED lights representing the light of … Read More