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Today on Joni
Worship leader and psalmist Zach Neese shares his personal journey from anger and brokenness to peace and wholeness.  After … Read More

Today on Joni
Rhonda Davis will tell us how we can live healed and restored from the wounds that have crippled us.  … Read More

You won’t want to miss today’s “Celebration” with guests Guy Penrod and Alan and Anoosh … Read More

Today on Joni
R.T. Kendall will talk about one of the most misunderstood subjects in the Bible and that is “jealousy.”  He’ll … Read More

Today on  “Celebration” we feature a special guest you will be sure to enjoy, Dave Stone.

Dave Stone is the pastor of … Read More

About Dave Stone
Dave Stone is Senior Pastor of Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky, where he preaches Truth to more than 22,000 people each weekend. … Read More

Death is inevitable. It will ultimately happen to all of us as is the way for mortal men and woman. The … Read More

Today on Joni
R.T. Kendall, author and former pastor of Westminster Chapel, will share from his book Unashamed To Bear His Name. … Read More

Today on Joni
John Paul Jackson will discuss relationship with the Holy Spirit.  How does the Holy Spirit help us in … Read More

Today on Joni
John Paul Jackson will share about the person of the Holy Spirit, who He is and what His … Read More

Today on Joni
John Paul Jackson will explain these heavenly creatures known as angels and tell us what their true purpose … Read More

About Tommy & LaQuita Propes
Tommy Propes is a fourth generation Church of God member, who accepted the call to ministry in 1975. He has served … Read More

Today on Joni
John Paul Jackson discusses angels, demons and other spiritual beings.  He’ll dispel some of the misconceptions about spiritual … Read More

“Celebration” today features Thomas and LaQuita Propes, a couple with an amazing story of God’s faithfulness.

Thomas Propes is the … Read More

In Acts 27:9-12, Luke records how he, Paul and others were adrift for fourteen days in a storm only to end … Read More

Today on Joni
Watch this Memorial Day special featuring Lee Greenwood and a special video presentation honoring our troops.

Today on Joni
We’re taking a look back at the “Push Forward” Refreshing Times Conference and sharing stories of how some have pushed forward through the … Read More

About David Herzog
David Herzog & Stephanie Herzog are the founders of David Herzog Ministries and co-hosts of weekly TV program called “The Glory Zone”. Their … Read More

About Devin Dean
Devin Dean: “I have a passion for making music. I’ve been surrounded by music pretty much my whole life. When I was a … Read More

About Greg Slayton
Born in Ohio, Slayton now resides in Hanover, New Hampshire with his wife and children. His next book “Be A Better Dad Today!” … Read More