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Many scholars refer to the Book of Acts as “The Book of Guidance” because there are so many examples of God’s … Read More

Today on Joni
Renowned author, counselor and leader of Freedom Ministries at Gateway Church, Bob Hamp talks about discovering our true identity.  … Read More

Today on Joni
With humor and candor, Dr. Tony Evans talks about his book Sacred Sex and what it should mean in … Read More

About Anna Kendall
Anna Kendall is the Vice President of Life Languages International, was the Publicist and Personal Executive Assistant to Mary Kay Ash, founder of … Read More

Today on Joni
Joni is joined by some of her closet friends for a candid talk about divorce.  Whether you are divorced already, or facing a … Read More

Today on Joni
Dr. Doug Weiss gives tools and advice on how to live “Successfully Single,” which is the title of his … Read More

Tune in today to get a preview of one of our RTC speakers, as Jentezen Franklin joins  us on “Celebration.”

Jentezen Franklin … Read More

Today on Joni
With a surmounting number of unchurched single parent families, the need for single parent ministry in the church is growing rapidly.  On the … Read More

There are more than five thousand languages spoken across the face of the earth. If one believes the Bible, all these … Read More

We are excited to welcome out special guest, Kevin Gerald, to the “Celebration” studio today.

Kevin Gerald is the pastor of Champions … Read More

Today on Joni
With an ever growing population of single parent families, it is one of the most important topics in Christianity.  Through candor and humor, … Read More

Today on Joni
The subject on Table Talk is the dangers of pornography and sexual addiction.  Our panel will take questions from the audience.  Also, we … Read More

If you or a loved one are in need of healing, be sure to tune into “Celebration” today, with guest Tommy … Read More

Today on Joni
Howard Storm continues to share his gripping story of his own near death experience.  Today, he picks up just … Read More

Today on Joni
Many people in today’s society have a strong belief in the existence of Heaven and a place of eternal rest… but alarmingly, very … Read More

“Celebration” today is certain to be inspiring to all parents, as we welcome the father-daughter duo of Jack Hayford and … Read More

Today on Joni
“They say that Heaven is 10 million light years away…”  Well they might change their minds after watching today’s show!  … Read More

Where are you headed in life? Is life a journey filled with meaning and contentment or is it void of … Read More

You won’t want to miss today’s “Celebration,” with our guest Shane Warren.

Shane Warren is the pastor of First Assembly of God … Read More

Today on Joni
Author of Miracles Are For Real,  Dr. Jim Garlow shares several stories of the real life miracles that have … Read More