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Daystar Television Network will air the final service of the 74th  International General Assembly of the Church of God today, August 1.

The service originally took … Read More

Today on Joni
RT Kendall will talk about one of the most misunderstood subjects in the Bible – jealousy.  He’ll share how … Read More

Kong Hee

About Kong Hee

Kong Hee is the founder and senior pastor (honorary) of City Harvest Church, a non-denomination congregation … Read More

About Marvin Winans
“In the beginning was the Word.” Perfecting Church was born out of a word or phrase given to a preacher/singer named Marvin L. … Read More

Bishop Kevin Wallace is the Senior Pastor of Redemption Point Church in Ooltewah, Tennessee. His Gospel message of hope and … Read More

Today’s “Celebration,” with guest Kevin Wallace, is certain to encourage young ministers that anything is possible.

Kevin Wallace is the pastor of … Read More

Today on Joni
Marvin Winans, anointed singer and pastor, shares the importance of finding God’s purpose for your life and walking it … Read More

With each new generation comes challenges and changes to certain social norms that help move our nation forward, binding us together through our ideals, our … Read More

About Dr. Rita Twiggs
Dr. Rita Twiggs has more than 40 years of ministry experience including evangelist, bible teacher, and singer. She has served under such … Read More

About Theo Wolmarans
Founded in September 1979 by Senior Pastor Dr. Theo Wolmarans and his wife Beverley, Christian Family Church International Johannesburg is one of the … Read More

This theme that God is interested in small things is found throughout the Bible. Sometimes the smallest decision made poorly … Read More

We return to live “Celebration” episodes this week, kicking things off with an exciting guest, Theo Wolmarans.

Theo Wolmarans is the pastor … Read More

Today on Joni
Dr. Rita Twiggs has more than 40 years of ministry experience including evangelist, bible teacher, and singer.  She has served under such respected … Read More

Today on Joni
Music is a big part of the Joni show, and with so many great guests, we had to revisit some of our favorite … Read More

About Devi Titus
Devi Titus, wife of Larry Titus, is among America’s most recognized Christian conference speakers and authors. She is … Read More

Today on Joni
With practical tips and tricks, Devi Titus shares from her books, The Table Experience and The Home Experience, teaching how … Read More

Today on Joni
Dr. Tony Evans, author, pastor and a widely-syndicated radio broadcaster, will share from his book Victory in Spiritual Warfare. … Read More

About Alan & Anoosh Bullock
The World-Wide ministry of Alan & Anoosh Bullock is supernaturally unique.

The first American to ever be married in the former Soviet … Read More

Today on Joni
John Paul Jackson describes what it means to be part of God’s Kingdom.  He’ll talk about what the … Read More

Many scholars refer to the Book of Acts as “The Book of Guidance” because there are so many examples of God’s … Read More