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Q: How would a Christian’s life change if they understood the power of the cross?
A: The … Read More

Q: Can you share with us some key themes or messages that you believe are important … Read More

Q: This month people the world over will celebrate Christmas. What does Christmas tell us about … Read More

Q: What is transhumanism – is it just fusing technology with biology or something more?
LW: This is an … Read More

Q: How important has the role of women been in the Kingdom of God, and in … Read More

Q: Tell us about your program Real Life with Jack Hibbs, and what does it mean to … Read More

Q: Jesse, how do you know personally that heaven is a real place?
A: Well, number one … Read More

Q: You are one of Daystar’s newest programmers. Why did you want to be a part … Read More

Q: What comes to mind when you initially hear the word “revival”?
A: Revival is a spiritual … Read More

Q: What inspired you to write Something Greater?
A: I read a speech that originates back to 1869, … Read More

Q: As a programmer on Daystar, what has it mean to you to have Flashpoint on the … Read More

Every election cycle in America, there are tens of millions people of faith who don’t cast … Read More

Q: Given how argumentative people have become over the last few years, how is your book … Read More

Q: How would you say growing up in a pastor’s home impacted your view of church … Read More

Q: What does fatherhood mean to you? And how is it similar and different from motherhood?
JR: I … Read More

Q: Let’s talk about what’s going on in the world right now with Ukraine. How is … Read More

Ancient Nutrition Recipes
We know that you’re going to love your Daystar Wellness Package from Ancient Nutrition that will give your system the support it needs … Read More

Q: For those who don’t know, tell us a little about your background and what led … Read More

Q: What has God been showing you prophetically for 2022 and the current season we’re in?
A: … Read More