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It is the year 5782 on the biblical / Hebrew calendar, and the year 2022 on … Read More

Q: Over this last year we’ve seen more chaos and unrest overtake the world. Why is … Read More

Q:What inspired you to write your new book, Give Me This Mountain—Faith to Go from Barely Surviving … Read More

It is with a heavy heart that we announce that Marcus D. Lamb, Founder, President, … Read More

The story of Chanukah is one of my all-time favorites. It is the story of the … Read More

Q: You grew up in a Christian home. How grateful are you to have come from such … Read More

Q: Tell us about your passion to help women and where that came from.
A: I want to … Read More

Q: Your book is called “Life is Short – Leave a Legacy.” Why is that such … Read More

 I love this time of year!

The season we are in right now is called Teshuva. Teshuva … Read More

Q: You recently released the new book, Hope for This Present Crisis. What inspired you … Read More

Q: Right now, with everything going on in the world, a big topic is Mental Health … Read More

Q: As a Pastor, your heart is for people. How has God used 2020 and this … Read More

Q: Lysa, what inspired you to write your book, Forgiving What You Can’t Forget?
A: I was inspired … Read More

Q: How has the church stopped educating the next generation of the faith heroes of the … Read More

With Passover around the corner, I am reminded of the miraculous story of God freeing His … Read More

Q: Thomas, you are launching a new television program on Daystar. Tell us about it and … Read More

Q: In your book “Do It Afraid,” you tackle the topic of fear. What exactly … Read More

Q: As we kick off 2021, many people want to know God’s plan for the year. … Read More

On today’s Ministry Now program with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, Marcus and Joni discussed a petition to the Supreme … Read More