Prophetic Dreams & Encounters Collection

Throughout the journey of life there are so many voices competing for your heart, making it critical to experience God’s presence every day. With the exclusive Prophetic Dreams & Encounters Collection, a soaking CD featuring Troy Brewer with original music composed by Joshua Brown, along with a companion Prayer Card and Dream Interpretation Guide, you can discover your identity, purpose, and destiny in Christ through the power of prophecy. So when your mind is filled with endless words of anxiety, fear, and doubt, find strength to stand in faith for the future through the Prophetic Dreams & Encounters Collection!

No Fear CD

Life can be unexpected and uncertain, and it can be tempting to fall into anxiety and doubt. But the Lord has not given us a spirit of fear! With No Fear, the brand new CD from Joni Lamb and the Daystar Singers and Band, you’ll build up your faith and encourage your spirit as you enter into the presence of God and find the strength to face whatever comes your way. From the uplifting title track “No Fear” and the reflective “Peace Be Still” to the re-imagined renditions of “Way Maker” and “He is Able to Deliver Me,” you will find the inspiration to lift your voice and stand with courage no matter what comes your way. So step into confidence and victory as you discover the power of No Fear.

Hebrew Home Blessing Artwork

For centuries, God’s Chosen People have embraced beliefs that mark their households with meaning—connecting their faith to time-honored traditions. With the specially designed Hebrew Home Blessing Artwork, featuring five declarations inscribed in an ancient biblical language, you can experience the beauty of Jewish culture all while standing with Israel. So honor God’s ancient covenant with the Jewish people and experience peace, protection, and provision over your household for blessing Israel!

Covenant Partner of Israel Certificate

Throughout biblical history, God’s commitment to the nation of Israel has never wavered. In honor of your shared passion to stand with the Jewish people, the specially designed Covenant Partner of Israel Certificate is a beautiful reminder of your belief in the timeless truth of Scripture. So experience the power of God’s covenant promises in your life when you support Israel and bless the Jewish People!

Tipping Point DVD

Could we be standing at the precipice of one of the biggest shifts in all of human history? How close is the end? Are we living in the Last Days? And what happens next? With each new headline, the book of Revelation seems to be unfolding before our eyes – making it more important than ever to understand what the Bible says about the End Times. In this four-part Joni Table Talk series, Pastor Jimmy Evans joins Joni Lamb and special guests to unpack ancient Bible prophecies that reveal God’s prophetic timeline for the end and answer all of your questions about the rapture, the Antichrist, the tribulation, and more. Unlock the mysteries of the End Times like never before with this unforgettable teaching that will make the Bible come alive! As the pages of history and prophecy collide, you can be prepared to walk in confidence with Tipping Point.

Ancient Oils of the Bible Gift Set

From anointing future kings to filling the ancient Temple with the aroma of worship, essential oils have played an important role in connecting people to God’s presence and power. With the Ancient Oils of the Bible Gift Set, a specially selected collection of essential oils along with a beautifully designed diffuser, you can use timeless therapeutic fragrances for everything from easing anxiety and depression to creating an atmosphere where healing can flow freely. So whether you’re struggling with the everyday issues of life or desire a deeper connection in your spiritual journey, the Ancient Oils of the Bible Gift Set can help you relax and be refreshed—empowering you to experience abundant health!

Daystar Gala

Advancing God’s Kingdom is a commitment to defeating darkness around the world through the enduring light of the Gospel. At Daystar, we are shining that hope to the ends of the earth—and the results are nothing short of miraculous as people everywhere embrace the message of Christ. To honor your spirit of compassion, partners who give $5,000 or more will be invited to the exclusive Daystar Gala to celebrate your investment in eternity. This private, invitation-only event will be an opportunity for Daystar founders, Marcus and Joni Lamb, to personally thank you for sharing their vision to transform every life through the power of the Gospel!