What is Heart for the World?

When you partner with Daystar during Heart for the World, you’re answering God’s call to defeat darkness at every turn through the everlasting light of the Gospel. Together, we are helping broken and hurting people around the globe break the chains of addiction, find freedom from depression, rebuild dreams destroyed by natural disaster, and so much more!

Through giving, the life-changing message of Christ is restoring hearts as the love of God is poured out in small towns, major cities, and everywhere in between. That’s because we’re able to reach even farther with hope—adding more television stations, increasing cable and satellite coverage, and supporting other faith-based ministries.

Each day of Heart for the World, hosts Marcus and Joni Lamb will invite you to join with them in making a difference that will impact eternity. This powerful week of programming will be filled with inspiring messages and prophetic ministry from the leading voices in Christian television, along with unforgettable worship from the Daystar Singers!

Don’t miss your chance to turn on the light and change the world! Be sure to mark your calendar, tell all your friends, and make plans to watch Heart for the World, September 30 – October 7, only on Daystar!

Ways to Give

The Benefits of Using Auto Giving

The easiest and most effective way to honor God through your giving commitment to Daystar is by using the Automated Bank Debit (Auto-Giving). When you choose to use Auto-Giving, funds will be automatically deducted from your bank account in the amount you specify – you don’t have to remember to write a check or make a debit/credit card payment! Learn more about it at Daystar.com/AutoGiving.

Stewardship – The Impact of Your Gift!

Because Daystar practices financial responsibility, you can be assured that your donations are being used to reach the world with the Gospel message. So, when you give to Daystar, your gift is making a huge impact for the Kingdom! Visit Daystar.com/Stewardship to learn how your gift is making a difference!

You Are Impacting People All Over World!

When you choose to give during Heart for the World, your gift makes a global impact through Daystar’s many missions and outreaches worldwide. Together, we are making a difference – we are bringing the Gospel message to the ends of the earth. Here are some recent ways in which you have helped change lives around the world: