About the Band Members

Russell Evans – Senior Pastor of Planetshakers

Prior to founding Planetshakers Church in Melbourne, Australia, I served under my father’s ministry at Paradise Church in Adelaide, South Australia. I have also served as the national leader of Australia’s Youth Alive movement and as one of my denomination’s state executives.

In February 2004, my wife, Sam and I founded Planetshakers Church. It has since grown to 12,000 members. Our annual conference, which has grown to over 25,000 attendees, donates millions of dollars each year to promote and sustain social justice around the world.

Planetshakers is a global ministry that has sold hundreds of thousands of praise and worship albums worldwide. As founder and director of Planetshakers, I have an uncompromising desire to see every person make a difference in their world.

Sam Evans – Senior Pastor of Planetshakers & Lead Vocalist

In 1997 I began the journey which is now known as Planetshakers with my husband Russell. What started as a humble youth conference with the mandate to ’empower generations to win generations’ has now grown and developed into a global ministry and church ministering to millions of people all over the world through dynamic preaching and passionate praise and worship music with an emphasis on personal encounters with God. I have the privilege of serving my local church as co-lead pastor in Melbourne where the first Planetshakers Church was started in 2004 and has grown to more than 12,000 members. My main involvement is with discipleship and training, the various conferences we host, music and worship and implementing the vision of Planetshakers locally and globally.

Joth Hunt – Lead Vocalist

I grew up in a very musical family. It was what I wanted to do with my life. Music. I started playing Piano, drums and guitar at the age of 7. I understood from a very early age that God had given the gift of music and I wanted to use that gift for him. As a young boy going to Planetshakers conferences I started to dream how God could use my gift to touch the earth. Starting to learn how to record music at the age of 14, i fell in love with producing music. Now here I am producing the Planetshakers albums. The dreams God put in my heart are coming to pass.

BJ Pridham – Lead Vocalist

I’m honored to be the Worship Pastor of Planetshakers Church, based in Melbourne, Australia. Blessed with a music team of a few hundred strong across four local campuses, I’m passionate about seeing people step into their God-given calling by stewarding their gifts and serving the house of God.

Having the privilege to write a number of Planetshakers songs, it’s my greatest desire that people would have their own personal encounter with God and experience His presence and goodness on a deeper level.

God has blessed me with an incredible wife and three amazing children.

Rudy Nikkerud – Lead Vocalist

I encountered God for the very first time at a Planetshakers Conference back when I was 16 years old, and my life has never been the same. After finishing my music degree I moved to Melbourne and have been a part of Planetshakers Church since it’s inception. Having the opportunity to be a part of the entire ministry, and to see many hundreds of thousands of people encounter Jesus just like I did has been a dream come true. Now I oversee our College Student ministry, and get to use my musical gift serving as part of the Planetshakers Band leading worship all over the world.

Andy Harrison – Drummer

Born in Hobart Tasmania, I grew up with a passion for drumming, starting lessons at 6 years of age and drumming in my local church band soon after. As a teenager I attended Planetshakers Conferences and it was here that I significantly encountered God – receiving a call for ministry. In 2006 I moved to Planetshakers Church, Melbourne to study at Bible College and serve in the youth and music teams. I am now the Planetshakers Drummer and Youth Pastor and have a passion and heart for worship and to see the next generation encounter Jesus.

Josh Ham – Bass Guitarist

I fell in love with Jesus when I was 10, and with music soon after; I have been playing the bass for 15 years. I grew up listening to all the Christian music greats, but my favourite was always Planetshakers (you might think I’m just saying that, but I’m 100% legitimate). I loved the edgy, current, energetic sound, but more so the zealous hunger for the presence of the Spirit of God. It was because of Planetshakers music that I felt compelled and excited to play music in my local church, and to push both my musicality and passion for God to another level. Planetshakers music was such a huge inspiration for me, it is my prayer that having the opportunity to play a part in the Planetshakers legacy will similarly bless and encourage others to be the best worshippers they can possibly be, both in spirit and in truth.

Joshua Brown – Keyboardist

My parents started a church when I was about 8 years old, we didn’t have a music team and I wanted to help, so I decided to learn the piano. After graduating school I relocated to USA and started touring with various Grammy Award winning artists. Five years ago I received a call from Pastor Russell’s Assistant asking if I would join Planetshakers for a USA tour. Little did I know my life would change, one touch, one encounter from God changes everything. Soon after I joined Planetshakers.

Zach Kellock – Electric Guitarist

I live in Melbourne, Australia. I grew up in church, and have always been passionate about music. I began learning the piano at age 8, and picked up the guitar three years later. I found myself at Planetshakers Church in early 2011, and soon began serving in the worship team, also attending Planetshakers Bible College. I’ve been touring with the team over the last 2 years, as well as assisting Joth Hunt in the studio with music production.

Chelsi Nikkerud – Background Vocalist

I came to Planetshakers from Miami Florida in the USA and did Planetshakers Bible College. God changed my life during that time! I felt God call me to move to Australia permanently and serve at Planetshakers. I became part of the Planetshakers Band seven years ago, and have had the opportunity to travel the world doing what I love, for the one I adore. I’m on staff at Planetshakers Church with my husband Rudy Nikkerud (who also travels with the band). We are so blessed and honored to do what we do!

Steve Sowden – Background Vocalist

I was blessed to be raised in a Christian home and was part of my Church Worship Team as a teenager. I first studied singing and completed a Bachelor of Musical Theatre at the Central Queensland Conservatorium of Music in Australia, where I also met my beautiful wife. My first contract following University was performing for Tokyo Disney in their American Broadway Review in Japan. Following that, I joined Australia’s internationally acclaimed opera group, the Ten Tenors, where I was blessed to tour the world and record several albums. I have since moved home to Melbourne be with my wife and family, and am absolutely honoured (honored) to be part of Planetshakers Band, where I have the incredible opportunity to share praise and worship around the world. I’m a husband, father and also New People’s Pastor at Planetshakers Church. I also love football, coffee and my 2 year old son Jonathan.