Peace: Beyond All Understanding

In a world filled with chaos, confusion and uncertainty, people everywhere are desperately searching for peace. But where do you find it? And how can you walk in it every day? In Peace: Beyond All Understanding, Joni Lamb declares the truth of God’s Word over your troubled heart with original music composed by Joshua Brown! Discover supernatural rest only found in Jesus Christ as you soak in His presence with every song, scripture and prayer spoken over your life. So what’s weighing you down? What fears and frustrations are consuming your thoughts? It’s time to surrender all, and start living in abundance today as you embrace Peace: Beyond All Understanding!

Daystar Mezuzah

Forge an unbreakable bond with the Jewish people as you play a critical role in fulfilling Bible prophecy with the exclusive Daystar Mezuzah – an enduring symbol of God’s blessing and protection over your household! Thousands of years ago, prophets foretold of a time when God would gather His Chosen People and return them to the Promised Land. Through this unique opportunity, you are partnering with Daystar to rescue Ukrainian Jews facing war, poverty and persecution and bring them home to a future filled with hope in Israel!

Restorer of Israel Certificate

Join your faith to God’s prophetic promise to gather His Chosen People and bring them home to the Holy Land! To honor your commitment, the beautifully designed Restorer of Israel Certificate boldly declares your unwavering support as you help endangered Jews escape war, poverty and persecution in Ukraine to start a new life of opportunity in Israel. By fulfilling this ancient prophecy, you are part of the greatest sign of last days and securing God’s favor by blessing the Jewish people!

The Coming Convergence

How will the world come to an end? It’s an ongoing debate that’s spanned centuries, an all-consuming conversation as millions look to biblical prophecy for answers. Now you can unlock hidden mysteries pointing to the end of the age with the new DVD documentary, The Coming Convergence. According to the Bible, the tribulation will be preceded by a series of specific worldwide events, but is that fact or fiction? From global conflict to devastating natural disasters, scholars and experts reveal how pieces of the prophetic puzzle are coming together as the future of the world unfolds in The Coming Convergence!

Psalm 23 Mug

Life is hard sometimes, filling your mind with a never-ending list of challenges that can leave you feeling empty and run down. But God is a Good Shepherd, and He longs to guide you down paths of peace as He restores your soul. The specially designed Psalm 23 Mug is a beautiful reminder of that promise and God’s faithfulness to revive your heart. So no matter what you’re facing, you can trust the Lord to fill your life with His love.

Bread of Life Serving Platter

Sharing the Gospel means you are extending an invitation to eternity as countless lost and spiritually hungry people find fullness in Christ. The custom, solid maple Bread of Life Serving Platter beautifully represents that message by displaying Jesus’ words in John 6:35. He came to offer us all a gift that can never be earned, bought, or sold. It’s the endless satisfaction and everlasting provision that can only be found in our Savior, the Bread of Life.

Daystar Gala

Advancing God’s Kingdom is a commitment to defeating darkness around the world through the enduring light of the Gospel. Through Daystar, we are shining that hope to the ends of the earth, and the results are nothing short of miraculous as countless people embrace the message of Christ. To honor your spirit of compassion, partners who give $5,000 or more will be invited to the exclusive Daystar Gala to celebrate your investment in eternity. This private, invitation-only event will be an opportunity for Daystar founders, Marcus and Joni Lamb, to personally thank you for sharing their vision to transform every life through the everlasting light of the Gospel.