Monday, February 25

Benny Hinn

Pastor Benny Hinn has preached the Gospel face to face and through television to more than a billion people. Through miracle services, conferences, TV broadcasts, the Internet, printed page, and audio-video recordings, this evangelist’s straightforward, uncompromising message of God’s love has inspired hundreds of millions to a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Pastor Benny’s ministry is also engaged in work with My Father’s House children’s homes in Mexico and Asia, as well as with feeding programs, crisis relief, and hospital care. For years, his ministry has provided food, clothing, shelter, education, and religious training for thousands around the globe (including partnerships with numerous missionary and relief agencies).

John Hannah

John Hannah is the Senior Pastor of New Life Covenant Southeast with a membership of over 20,000. The unwavering passion for life transformation in the lives of urban youth is evident with over 70% of the church population between the ages of 18 and 35. While the numbers suggest a megachurch sized atmosphere, the spirit of the house and its members promote a family environment, committed to serving God and our Community. Pastor Hannah is married to Anna Hannah, his wife of over 22 years who also serves alongside him. She is dedicated to supporting his vision and the mission of New Life Covenant Southeast.

Tuesday, February 26

John Hagee

John Hagee is founder and senior pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, a non-denominational evangelical church with more than 22,000 active members. He also founded Hagee Ministries, which broadcasts the Gospel on radio and television throughout America and the world, and is the founder and Chairman of Christians United for Israel, which has grown to become the largest Christian pro-Israel organization in the United States—with over 5 million members. John Hagee was recognized by the Embassy of Israel in Washington D.C. as one of the 70 greatest American contributors to the U.S.-Israel relationship. John Hagee has authored 40 books, several of which were on the New York Times best-sellers list, including Four Blood Moons, which was also an award winning blockbuster in 2015.

Morris Cerullo

Dr. Morris Cerullo is a world-renowned evangelist and the president of Morris Cerullo World Evangelism, which was founded in 1961.

He has been traveling to the developing nations of the world for over seven decades. He has ministered in 93 nations, in over 400 cities, on 7 continents, where he has ministered to millions. He has dedicated his life to helping hurting people and currently travels more than 250,000 miles every year to minister healing and salvation to the world.

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn

Jonathan Cahn is President of Hope of the World ministries, Senior Pastor and Messianic Rabbi of the Jerusalem Center/ Beth Israel in Wayne, New Jersey. He is also the author of the best selling book ‘The Harbinger’. His teachings are broadcast daily over hundreds of radio stations throughout the United States and the world and on television. He ministers, as did the first Jewish messengers of the Gospel, sharing the message of Messiah to Jew and Gentile, Israel, and the nations. He has ministered before mass gatherings in India, Nigeria, Cuba, Mizoram, Honduras, Haiti, & throughout the world. His teachings are widely known for revealing the deep mysteries of God’s word and for the restoring of the new covenant message to its original biblically Jewish richness and power.

Wednesday, February 27

Coy Barker

Dr. Coy Barker, an internationally known orator and author, is the founder of Elevation Point. Dr. Barker, a Hollis, Oklahoma native, recognized God’s call on his life to enter the ministry at the young age of 16. He began his ministry as Senior Pastor at a church in Nashville, Tennessee. During his service at this church, Dr. Barker oversaw the development and building of the church’s new sanctuary due to membership growth from approximately 20 people to over 1,600 within five and a half years. Dr. Barker then served as Senior Pastor to a church in Montgomery, Alabama, where, under his leadership the church grew from 120 people to 1,800 in five and a half years. From Alabama, God then led Dr. Barker to pastor a church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. While serving God at this church, Dr. Barker was blessed to see the church body grow from 300 people to over 3,000 with a development of 135 cell groups within nine years. Dr. Barker, having attended Berean Bible College of Springfield, Missouri and Southern California Seminary is a trainer of pastors and leaders in God’s Kingdom. He has developed several churches overseas and through his preaching of God’s Word has been a blessing to many ministries across America and to many nations worldwide. Dr. Barker has been involved in national and international television for at least 25 of the 38 years he has served in ministry. In the early 90’s the Lord moved Dr. Barker to Georgia where he continued his calling to reach the unchurched. In 1993, he founded “Metro World Outreach Center”, a multicultural, nondenominational church in Stone Mountain, Georgia. Dr. Barker and his wife, Dee, together minister to critical issues affecting individuals’ social and spiritual development. They have now, along with their son, Dustin, birthed the ministry of Elevation Point.

Juanita Bynum

As an International Empowerment Lecturer, Dr. Juanita Bynum sits as President of Bynum Ministries and CEO of Juanita Bynum International, with headquarters in Garden City, New York. Over the last four decades, Dr. Bynum has become a fixture of inspiration, hope, and new life and served as an example to men and women around the world. Dr. Juanita Bynum has turned her humble beginnings into an inspirational and philanthropic organization – educating, equipping and empowering people from all walks of life, crossing all cultural barriers.

Wherever Dr. Bynum goes, she exhorts, encourages and empowers her listeners to reach their full potential in their personal, entrepreneurial and spiritual lives. Unashamed to use her life as a teaching mechanism, Dr. Bynum’s ‘in your face’ messages have drawn thousands of men and women to her conferences and events over the last decades, often addressing crowds of 50,000-70,000 people as the keynote speaker. As one of the most notable conference hosts in America, Dr. Bynum made history as she saw over 68,000 registrants convene on the Georgia Dome in 2006 for her first Threshing Floor Conference to experience this movement. Her previous conferences in Pensacola, St. Louis and Orlando broke records drawing over 30,000 attendees and was broadcast live on major Christian networks worldwide include Trinity Broadcasting Network, Daystar, and The Word Network. Dr. Bynum also uses her vast reach to promote the gospel of prayer in other countries, especially in Africa. In 2004, over 750,000 Kenyans attended a two-day outdoor meeting hosted by Dr. Bynum, being the largest recorded event hosted by a female minister.

Thursday, February 28

Perry Stone

Evangelist Perry Stone Jr. is founder and president of Voice of Evangelism Outreach Ministries in Cleveland, TN. He has produced an extensive library of books, CDs and DVDs, and hosts Manna-fest, a weekly television program airing on hundreds of Christian stations nationwide. The Voice of Evangelism has a Monthly Message CD club, Partner Strike Force, and a magazine, which is mailed out across the nation.

Steve Munsey

Exciting. . . Dynamic. . . Dramatic. . . Creative. . . Innovative. These are all adjectives that accurately describe Steve Munsey. However, they are not the only words which can accurately describe him. He’s also compassionate, dedicated, inspiring, a true believer in the Gospel he carries all over the world.

His strong desire to win souls has driven him since he was a very young man. He grew up in the church he now pastors, his father having begun the work more than sixty years ago. His all-encompassing drive for souls has propelled him to the attention of the world as, using his God-given gift for drama, he preaches the Gospel through illustrated sermons and, especially, Jesus of Nazareth, A Passion Play. His Choices has played to standing-room-only crowds and brought thousands to the point of surrendering their lives to God in his pastorate in Munster, Indiana. Both the illustrated sermons and the drama have brought revival and challenge to churches all over America.

Serving the Chicagoland/Northwest Indiana region, Family Christian Center is one of the fastest-growing multi-racial churches in the nation, encompassing more than seventy-five separate ministries, thus enabling the members to get hands-on-involved in ministering to their fellow-humans.

Steve now ministers weekly on television stations throughout our land, in Canada, and in several foreign countries. He continues to share his illustrated sermons, and he exhorts the listeners/watchers with his positive and uplifting messages. The church’s website, offers a great deal of information about the church, with links to the pastors, Refuge Productions, the various ministries offered at the church, and live church services via the web.

Pastor Steve Munsey, along with Pastor Melodye Munsey, are truly visionaries, called by God to an area that many chose to forget because of poverty, violence, apathy, etc., and they are making a difference to this generation in this place!

Friday, March 1

Guillermo Maldonado

Active in ministry for over twenty years, Apostle Guillermo Maldonado is the founder of King Jesus International Ministry—one of the fastest-growing multicultural churches in the United States—, which has been recognized for its visible manifestations of God´s supernatural power. He is a spiritual father to 338 churches in 50 countries, which form the Network of the Supernatural Movement (formerly called the New Wine Apostolic Network). Also, he is the founder of the University of the Supernatural Ministry (USM). Apostle Maldonado earned a doctorate in Christian counseling and a master’s degree in practical theology. He resides in Miami, Florida, with his wife and partner in ministry, Ana, and their two sons, Bryan and Ronald.